Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Subject: Re: WELL, THIS IS IT....

How is it going?

Well, all I can say is this was the BEST week of my mission.  I saw miracles and was blessed to break past all my goals I wanted to break!  But just like John says... “Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.¨  The only thing I will say is ¨For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:  Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.”

 When I stepped out into the bright sunlight...

Elder Durfey


Friday, August 17, 2012


What’s up!?

First off,  I’m sorry because I had fotos to send you guys but I forgot my cable so I’ll show them to you in person in another week.... haha…   Oh and Happy Birthday to Zach on Thurs.  The big 19!!!  What’s he going to do besides go to dinner with some friends?   Ya, so it’s the last week baby…..the two minute warning…..and it all comes down to now.  So obviously this week I have my goals and after two days we look very good!  :)   It’s going to be sick!  I know the ONLY question that matters at the end of my mission isn’t how many baptisms, lessons, callings, etc.  The ONLY question that will matter is just like Elder Andersens talk: What thinks Christ of me?  That is the only question that matters in the mission and in life.   I’m going to make sure He thinks I’m a stud.  Haha. So all is good right now.  Our converts are turning into straight “Pauls” because they’ve got missionary work fever.  We’ve focused on missionary work with our converts and they’re loving it - and we’re seeing the results.  So we’re going to keep doing that. This week is going to be great!

Sheny, Carlos, and Catlaino got baptized and confirmed.  It was really cool!  Sheny and Carlos are going to be awesome converts!  We’re already planning on them joining us in a couple of visits to keep their testimony on fire.  The baptism took a little sacrifice, though.  We show up to the church with the baptismal clothes for them and Sheny goes into the bano to change and when she comes out she says, “These are pants.  I never use pants... Do u have a skirt?”   So we TAKE OFF and run to the house to switch the pants for a skirt!  Haha.  But it’s all good because she got baptized so she deserved whatever she wanted for that special day.  But, ya, so we walked into the nice baptismal service and we are sweating all over with our shirts all un-tucked from running.  But everything turned out great.

Catalino is such a cool story too!  I remember in the first visit we walk into the guy’s house and it’s just one of the poorest houses I’ve ever seen.  He’s older and he kind of hangs with a rough crowd.  I remember thinking, “Ya, right, like we are going to come back.”   Slowly he just made great changes in his life.  We would teach something and ask him to obey it and he’d say, “Well, if you guys say that is so, then I will.”  He’s just very faithful!  He’s a great guy.

And this Sunday we have two more baptisms to top off the two years!  They are both younger kids whose families are members, but they need to make those covenants, too, so were going to get them baptized. 

And guess what with Pedro???  We put a fecha for their wedding!  And guess when it is?  It’s going to be at 6:00 p.m. on August 21st!  So the wedding for them is going to be one of the last things I do as a missionary.  They aren’t ready for baptism, so before I go home we will put the fechas for Sep 1st for him and his family.  It’s going to be sweet! One way cool thing is he told us a couple dreams he’s had and in the dreams I knock on the door and he answers and says he’s a little busy and I told him that this was his last chance; that he’s had chances to accept the gospel but if he loses this chance it won’t come back.  So it freaked him out and the next night he had the same dream where I knock on the door and told him it was time to accept the gospel and be baptized because this is his last opportunity.  Guatemalans are driven by dreams so maybe their dreams have more meaning because they don’t waste time on unimportant dreams?  Haha.   So pretty much he’s ready and told us he’s wants to be baptized.  The wedding is a huge step because that is what was the big hurdle with them, not their believing.

Anyways life is good.  I’m stoked to see you guys, BUT not yet!  The mission is the best and it’s amazing all the things I’ve learned from it.  It’s not always the big things either.  I’ve learned how to get it so people always give you free food.  Haha.  Whenever they’re cooking you just always ask what it is they are cooking and NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, I say “I’ve never tried that before,” and they always give us some.  Haha.  Works every time!  It could be pizza and I’ll say, “Hmmm, never tried it.”  Haha.   If I don’t want to eat something, I just say that I’m allergic to it... Haha.  Also, I love how blunt the Guatemalans are.  Like in the show Singles Ward they try to invite the inactive guy to everything and they are trying to be all secret about why they are inviting him.  Well, here in Guatemala they knock on a door and are like, “Hey, we’re here to visit you because you aren’t coming to church and we don’t want you to go to the Telestial Kingdom.  Haha.  No secrets about it at all.  Or there is the fearless 10-year-old kids who call me “white fish.”  Haha.  I remember when I was 10 I wouldn’t ever even think of saying that to someone even a year older than me, but these kids don’t even think about it…..and I’m going to really miss them.

I’m going to mostly miss representing Jesus Christ and carrying His name on my chest 24/7.  I’m going to miss being the “angels” for people here in Guatemala.  Zach doesn’t know how lucky he is to be starting his mission.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  He’s just got to buckle up because he’s in for a ride.  I love the mission and will never forget the best two years of MY life!  No regrets!!!

Elder Durfey

Wednesday, August 8, 2012








What’s up and how is it going?
This was a good week.  I’m trying to work hard until the end of my mission and have no regrets!  I have to be honest, though, it still hasn’t hit me that I’m ending my mission so soon.  I’m glad for that because I want to be able to stay focused until the end, so I’m doing good and staying focused!  I got ice in my veins!  Haha.   Honestly, I’m just trying to work harder than ever.  It will be funny because when I get home I’m going to look like a soldier just coming out of battle, with scars on my eyes because of all the things I’ve seen in these past two years.  Haha.  I think I might even put mud on my suit to make it look even cooler.... :)
Anyway, our investigators are doing good. Marsela and Dayana got confirmed and now we just have to make sure they keep learning and growing and want to attend church!  This Saturday we have more baptisms!!  Catalino will be getting baptized.  He’s a stud.  He is a lot more stoked about baptisms and a lot more set on his decision than ever.  This guy does what he says, so I’m sure he’ll stay faithful forever.  And the other baptisms are Carlos and Sheny…finally.  They’re good people and, honestly, they are going to be super pilas converts.  They have strong testimonies and were already very faithful before we met them, so I think they’re going to be awesome in the keeping the covenants.  Her husband and other son don’t want to listen to us, but we’ll teach them some day for sure.
We have another guy named Antonio.  He is a new guy and has been to church twice and loves what he feels.  We have hooked him and our other convert, Fam Guilcastillo, up so now they are good friends.  The family passes for him at church, sits by him, and even gave him a part of the snack they brough between class.  Haha.   I wanted to ask if they wanted to just adopt the guy, too, because they were being so great with him.  His problem in being baptized is, though, that his wife and daughter are very strong Catholics, but they are not married.  So we are working on that.  He already told us he wants to get baptized, so we put the goal for the 19th, but we’ll see.  We just have to talk to the wife about getting married, too!  :) 
We’re back with Elgin too.  He’s the guy who served in this area as a missionary and came back and got married to a non-member and is now not active.  Well, he dropped us for a while, but we found him again and started going back and they’re doing awesome.  He told us his story of how it was one dumb mistake that took him away from the gospel.  He came back here to work in Guatemala, met his wife, and she ended up getting pregnant, so they got married.  He felt he was too “lost” to come back, and one thing leads to another when you stop feeling accountable for your actions, and now he’s pretty far off.   BUT they have started coming back to church.  It’s so hard for him because a lot of the members are people he taught and baptized, including the bishop, so now he feels terrible and feels judged sometimes and that he’s let people down other times.  It’s just hard for him, but he’s being strong.  We remind him it’s not about his past, but it’s about what he is doing now.  It’s interesting because he never lost his testimony.  He told us, no matter what, he’ll never go to another church because he KNOWS this gospel is true, but the actions or temptation or pride or whatever it was took over.  The seed always stayed there, but he just stopped nurturing it and so it couldn’t swell inside him.  His wife already told us she wants to get baptized, but it’s going to take some time.  It’s going to be a long process of repentance for him and a lot of support for each other to help each other follow the commandments and get rid of some habits, but they are amazing and the can do it because they know it is an eternal decision.  They are awesome - and they even know English so that’s been cool.  Haha.
We are still working with Pedro.  They come to church regularly now, but he’s been getting sick so we haven’t been able to visit them.  But I DO NOT want to go home without marrying them and baptizing them.  Haha.  It’s a goal I have to do allllll I can do for them! :)
The mission is still good.  It has been raining SOOO hard and when it doesn’t rain it’s been burning hot.  Haha…..Love it!   One word of advice, though: If you see missionaries on the street trucking along, don’t just honk the horn and wave……Give them a ride.  Haha.  I used to always do that before the mission, thinking, “I’ll lift the missionaries’ spirits up by honking my horn at them and waving.”  Now I know they were thinking, “Oh ya, thanks for the honk, man, but how about a RIDE?”….because now that’s what I’m thinking when people do that to us.  But you live and learn….SO give the missionaries rides.  :)
But, ya, the mish is great.  I honestly feel like this has been one of the hardest changes of my whole mission, and it’s because I know I am trying to end well, but Satan doesn’t want that.  He’s trying to do all he can to stop me - whether its questioning myself as a missionary or just any stuff like that.  It’s been a very hard change mentally, but I’m staying strong and WILL end with no regrets! :)   Anyone who gets this letter, though, please pray for me to stay strong and diligent to the end.  I love the mission.  It’s where I’ve come to realize that we don’t grow in times of comfort.  The trials are what can make us better, stronger, and closer to the Lord.  “That that don’t kill me can only make me stronger!”
Elder Durfey :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


What’s up!?

First off, sorry, I was going to send you pics, but this ghetto computer doesn’t send pictures.  Maybe next week.  

This was a good week and it’s crazy how it goes by faster and faster every week.   I am not kidding….each week I feel it more and more that time is running out.  I get more like a dog in a way - like when you keep a dog inside and then finally let it out and it just runs around and around in circles…..I FEEL LIKE THAT!!  After studies, I walk out the door and just want to run around in circle because I need to get going and feel like I’ve been inside too long.  Haha.  It’s going be an adjustment for sure when I get back to the normal everyday life, but I’m still loving the mission and me and E. Lagos are still best of friends.  It’s crazy how alike we are.  It sounds like we were alike even from before the mission with our personalities, etc.  It’s been a good time with him and I’m going to be sad to say bye to him!!

Anyways, we had a miracle happen for sure.  Yesterday we had a baptism that we didn’t plan for!!  Marsela and her daughter got baptized!!  Her other daughter who is 9 was going to get baptized but she got nervous so this week we hope to put a fecha with her!!!  But it was sweet because Marsela’s concern always has been her kids because she is a single mom and didnt know what to do to help them.  In my personal study I was focusing on her and found the story where the angel appears to Alma the Younger.  And so we read that with her and how the angel said the prayer of Alma the older was answered because of his faith.  So we asked her where she was with her faith in God.  We talked about baptism being a leap of faith for some people and that God would help her know if it was right.   We continued on reading about Alam the Younger, saying how great repentence was and the difference in what you feel when you repent.   The spirit felt so strong, so we challenged her to be baptized Sunday and her and her daughter accepted!!  It was sweet.  The Bishop got to baptize them, which was way cool.   Next we want to help her 19 year-old-son and her 10-year-old daughter... Just get them all on the same path...

Bad news, though, was Catalino couldn’t get baptized.  In his baptismal interview he had a concerns that he brought up and just wasn’t ready.  His biggest concern was tithing.  Tithing is tough out here.  I see how it blesses and blesses lives over and over, but it takes so much faith because he literally has nothing.  He is just sooo poor and humble.  We went and visited him the next day because he didn’t go to church and he told us he was just really down and he didn’t realize how much he wanted to get baptize until he couldn’t.  We just showed our love and support and had a great lesson with him about not giving up, continuing to follow the spirit, and he will get there.  We saw his great desire to change his life.  He has had a rough life of  poverty, drinking, smoking, bad friends, etc.   He just wants to leave it all behind and change it.  It’s just way cool because he is so sincere.  We took the dad of Guilcastillo that got baptized in June with us to visit him and that was PERFECT!!!   Just to update you on this family, it is one of the most faithful convert families I have ever seen!   He is an ex-soldier, so he is just an “Ii do what I say I’m going to do and I don’t care” kind of man.  They go to church early every week, he pays his tithing (and they also are a REALLY VERY poor family) and he talks about the church with everyone.  Paying tithing has blessed his life, not left him with less, so it was so perfect.  They wanted to kick him out of a comedor because he was practically converting the cook to the church.  Hahaha.  Anyway, they just are AWESOME!   So we brought the dad with us to Catalino and we found out they knew each other a little bit because they both worked in construction.  So Guilcastillo just told his story and bore his testimony, which was really sweet because he really applied it to Catalino because they both are so poor and in the same circumstance.  It was way good and Catalino really loved it.  It was just a little hard to control the lessons because they are friends now and work in the same type of job so one minute we would be talking about tithing and the next he would explain to Catalino that if you work in construction, then you should wash your hands in lemon so the concrete won’t bug you as much.  Haha.  But it was good.  So this week we hope to put a fecha with him, as well, because he straight up told us he WANTS to be baptized.

And we finally put fehcas with Sheny and Carlos for 11 August.  They are pilas and totally converted, so there should not be any concerns there.  Right now all is good in the area and we have a few other people we hope to put fechas with soon!:)

The zone is sick!!!   Everyone is just stoked to be a missionary and working super hard.  We’re just lucky to have a great zone with a good stake, as well.  Life is very good.  The mission is still the bomb!!!  It’s funny, though, because when I contact someone on a bus I feel like I’m a guy on Candid Camera.  I’m like, “Where are you going?  Where do you work?  How long have you been working there?”  And then I bust out the contact.  I feel like Candid Camera, but instead of saying, “We are actors and you are  being filmed right now, so look over there and smile,” I say, “Well, I’m a missionary and they are missionaries, too, and you are being CONTACTED!!.........So smile....”   Hahaha.  But, ya, life is good.  

Two scriptures I really liked and focused on this week are Alma 32 and 2 Nephi 9: 28-29.  Alma 32 is sooooooo tight because if you have lost your testimony (which we know can happen) or just want to gain one for the first time, then you can read that chapter because that really is EXACTLY what we need to do.  If we wonder how we lost the testimony we once had, we can read that because it is so simple the way it explains the way that it happens.  I always wondered how anyone could stop believing in something that they once felt they knew, but a testimony is fragile and it’s the thing Satan wants us to falter on because if that is gone, it’s all gone.  I love that it focuses on testimonies because our testimony of the gospel is what takes care of us during hard or difficult times and trials.  Also,  2 Nephi, because it’s about pride and how pride is the destruction of many great leaders and people.  I just thought I would share what I have been focusing on with you guys.  This gospel really is true and I am so grateful I know that.

Love you guys and I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Durfey

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Days go by like nothing for me!!  I  hope you are doing okay.
This was a good week.  I have to admit, though, that last week was tough.  I was thinking about my E-mail to you and you are probably thinking I’m a wimp, so sorry about that.  Hahaha.  I just get worrid about ending with regrets, so then I stress myself out more than I really need to.  I’m doing great now, though.  Satan has tried working on me a lot these last two weeks because he knows I want to end my mission on top of the world, and he doesn’t want that.  After my weekly letter to President, he called me and had a good talk with me, and since then I’m doing way better!!!  I feel on top of the world again.  Me and my comp are back to being best friends and tomorrow Pres. gave us permission to go to the temple for P-day so it’s gonna be sick!  So anyways, me and my comp kissed and made up and are back to doing the work!  And this last week ended up being one of the best of my entire mission.  That’s one of my goals, just to raise the bar a little bit more every week until my last week.   
Mark sent me and an E-mail and in the E-mail he mentioned the Tim Tebow quote after losing to Ole Miss, which I loved!  It’s now on my wall above my desk.  It just talks about never seeing a player work harder or push a team harder than he will the rest of the season.  It was way good and got me super pumped! :)   I got to see E. Petersen Sunday, which was cool.  He came with his family to visit Guatemala. He pulled a low move, though, and made his 11-year-old sister sit through two hours of primary by herself -- with just Spanish all around her.  She came out of primary looking like she had just gotten back from the war.  Haha.  She is scarred for life.
Anyway, our investigators are good.  Sheny and Carlos finally accepted a fecha.  They are kind of a weird, reserved, strange family, so we don’t really know how to work with them all the time, but we’ve tried our best and finally they wanted a fecha for August 11th.  We wanted to move it up but we felt that trying to do so would not be effective at all so we just left it.  We are just going to have to work hard with them so they follow through because they already know what we have taught them is true! 
Catalino is a stud and is getting baptized this weekend!  He has absolutely nothing, yet he is so faithful and does JUST what he says he will do.  Now we will get him more involved with the members, which will help him feel connected.
Pedro got sick on Sunday so didn’t go to church.... and we’re hoping he didn’t pull the 3-hour flu, but we’ll see.  We had a SUPER good lesson on Sat with him and a member about The Family Proclamation to the World.  It was so powerful.  Pedro kept reading the part where it says children have the right to be born in the bonds of matrimony, and he repeated it and repeated it.  We were just like, “Yep.... that’s what it says…”   But he said it really called his attention out, SO they seem to be taking things a little more seriously.  We will continue to work with them!
Marsela is good and came to church so today we hope to put fechas.  We had a good discussion where she just opened up to us about her problems and struggles and we were able to help her out and give her support, so it was cool.  She’s a stud type of mom and so we hope she wants the blessings of baptism!  She deserves great things.
The zone is doing great.  It’s going to take big effort this last week to contact as many people as possible, but everyone is pumped to git-r-done!  So we’re lighting the missionaries eyebrows a little bit because now it’s the two-minute warning!  The zone has reached a point it’s never been at where we are just working hard and showing obedience, feeling success, animo, etc.  Pres. Brough motivates us even more.  We’ve been blessed a ton.
The mission is still the time of my life.  It’s so hard, but the hard times are when I learn the most, so I’ve come to learn to embrace the hard times and learn from them.  I just love being a missionary and everything that comes with it.  It’s not all hard, though.  There are the jokes and funny stuff and memories that I’ll always remember, too.  I won’t ever forget how it’s a big bummer when we get to a door that has a peep-hole because we have to be like the FBI.  We have to bend our bodies and our arms and elbows in ways that we didn’t know we could so we can knock on the door without being seen through the peep-hole or they won’t answer the door.  Haha.  There are just good times that I’ll miss forever.   I absolutely love it. 
I read Neil L. Anderson’s talk from conference today about What does Jesus Christ Think of Me and it just hit me how good a question that is for all of us.  Yeah, we all love Christ, but what does he think of us and our actions?  It’s somthing we can ALWAYS ask ourselves – especially as missionaries.  Is He proud of the way I carry His name and represent Him?  I am going to ask myself that each day for the next month.
Well, I sure love you guys and will give it 150% these last 4 weeks so that those first nights home can be even better knowing I left it ALL on the field. 
Elder Durfey

Elder Durfey

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Elder Gutierrez and Elder Lagos

 The Aguilar Familia for my birthday!!

Elder Francis going home 

Elder Francis leaving the mission

Elder Axel leaving for Chili

What’s up family!?

This was a good week, as well, and its nuts that today is the 23 month mark!  I have got to make sure this last month I do WORK!   It’s been a little bit tougher.  This last week my comp claimed to be sick a lot and stuff.  We didn’t stay in the house, but I felt like I wasn’t able to reach the full potential I could have and so that’s hard.  And then last night he started complaining and said that we walk too fast and that there is no point to doing so much, etc.  So I don’t know, it’s been tough because these last two changes have been sweet but this last week was a little tough.  I don’t know what to do because I want to have the best change of my mission and end on top of the world, happy and without regrets.  There must be something God wants me to learn with all of this.  It’s been frustrating feeling like I’m being held back or weighed down a bit, but we’ll come through!!!

Our investigators are doing good.  Sheny and Carlos finally got the answer to their prayers.  We watched Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration, and they felt such a strong spirit that this all happened and it’s true.  They loved it.  They finally got the sure answer about Joseph Smith, so this Saturday they are going to be baptized.... POR FIN!

We are working with Pedro still.  We didn’t know why he didn’t want to go to church lately and we found it’s because he has been drinking, and he felt guilty going to church.  So we taught about the health reasons and obedience reasons of the WOW, and went over it really clearly so he understand why it’s important.   At the end, we gave him a blessing and this blessing we gave was one of the coolest experiences of my mission.  I thought it would just be a blessing of strength and stuff, but it turned out way longer just because of all the things that came to my mind that I knew I needed to say and things that our Heavenly Father wanted him to hear.  I was able to talk about their doubts and fears and understand them and address them and made really cool promises with them and just at the end realized that I was 100% a mouthpiece of the Lord in that lesson.   At the end, I felt I said everything God wanted me to say.  It was super cool and really a spiritual experience.  After, Pedro was like, “Alright, that’s it.  We are going to church.”  They felt the power of what God wanted them to hear.  So they came and loved it and this week we plan on having a lesson in the house of a member and putting fechas with them.

And we have Marsela still.  We realized she didn’t come because her kids still don’t have a big desire and she doesn’t want to go alone.  So next Sunday we are going to go early to wake them up and take them to church. They already have testimonies, so if we can help the commit and everything goes well this month, they will be baptized!

Another cool experience is Catalino. He is a man we contacted, but we didn’t think anything of it.  He is older, very poor, dirty, and just rugged, etc.   We thought that he wasn’t going anywhere.  Well, he started going to church.  He started loving church, started reading the Book of Mormon, and he just loved it.  He knew it was true immediately.   And this weekend he gave up coffee and smoking just like that, even though he’s done that FOR YEARS!!!!!!  It just shows that God looks on the heart of a man and doesn’t care about the outside appearance.  He wants to get baptized this month, too, so that is really cool! :)

And this week we had zone conference which was SICK!!!   Pres. talked about miracles.  He talked about two really cool things: first, we, as missionaries, represent the sacrifices of many people.  I started thinking of the first pioneer that crossed the plains in my family.  I think how there were probably many times they were like, “This this is not worth it.  I give up.”  But because he stayed strong, in our family hundreds have served missions and thousands have been baptized and MILLIONS can be affected.  It made me think again we never realize the influence we have on everyone.  He talked about how during hard times we are ministered to by our future generations and past ancestors; how we are NEVER alone.  Our children are rooting for us and grandkids and great grandkids, etc.   They want us to push on because THEY realize the affect our sacrifice now has on them and how important it is for their future.  So it was really cool to think about because I know it is totally true.  We never can give up on what we know because we don’t realize how much can be affected for generations and eternally.

One funny story now: remember the movie Brian’s Song?  Well, I pulled one of those jokes on my comp.  We met with a stake leader and before we met him I told my comp that the guy is deaf in his right ear, so my comp kept leaning into his left ear to say things.  When the guy turned my comp would go to the other side, just dancing around him, until finally the guy was like, “What the heck are you doing?”   Hahaha…..it was so funny.  He laughed.  But, ya, I’m still loving the mission and loving the Guatemalan people to death.  Even though the two-year-old kids have more facial hair then I do, I still love them. 
I am going to  RUN thru the finish line as best as I can!
Elder Durfey

Elder Durfey

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 Daisy's Baptism





What’s up familia! 

I’m hitting the big 21 this Saturday, and I’m stoked... Definitely got to make it a sweet day!  It’s nuts how fast time goes.  We received changes, and in my last change I dont change at all.  I am staying here with E. Lagos to end my mish.  Pretty crazy, huh?  I’m stoked though because I love the area and me and Lagos get along super well!  It’s going to be three changes together, but it’s gone by super-fast so it’s going to be tight. I just want to end on top of the world with a BANG!

It’s funny because me and Lagos were talking about how in the beginning of your mission you care so much about your clothes being all clean and ironed and your hair done nicely, etc.,  looking all spiffy and fresh and clean…..and then after the year mark all you care about is that the clothes cover you and that you won’t get mistaken for a drunk on the street.  If that’s all taken care of, your good to go.  Haha.  But that is SO true!  Speaking of that, yesterday we went to Wal-Mart for the first time in two years and so I loaded up on stuff that I’ve been missing.  For the first time in two years I showered with body wash instead of a cheap bar of soap and I used after shave.  Woahhhh, I know!!! Haha.  It was cool.  It makes me all stoked to shower and stuff now even though the water is freezing! 

Oh, and so you know, I told Pres. Brough about Preston, hoping maybe he could get Preston out here to Guatemala Central, which would be so sweet!!   We’ll see what magic he can pull!  I’m not counting on it, but I am pulling for it.

Anyway, our investigators are still the same.  Like I’ve said, we have a huge group that all love the church and want to be baptized but they are scared right now.   We have been confused about why they are all at that same point and we realized we need to go over the Restoration and BOM again (BOM is Book of Mormon, Mom :) ) 

So with Carlos and Shenny, they didn’t get baptized for that reason.  They love the church and they will get baptized, but something was holding them back and we didn’t know what!  So we went over the testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and we found out they have doubts about Joseph Smith because of what people tell them.  So we had a sweet talk with them about the restoration of Christ’s gospel and the Book of Mormon and how to find out Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  They are taking it a lot more seriously and promised to read and pray more diligently.   They’ll get it soon because they know the Book of Mormon is true, so I’m not fretting!  I feel sometimes like we teach lesson one really good but we fail to continue verifying how they feel and their testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, so that’s something we decided to do a lot better.   We have seen the results because of that.

We have another family that is super cool!  It’s Marsela and her family.  She is an old investigator that always went to church and stuff, but she never got baptized because she lived with some bum who didn’t want to marry her, so they stopped going to church.  Well, we showed up and the guy had moved out and she was ready to come back to church!  She is a single mom of teenagers and so we are trying to help them all be more united and founded in the gospel:  She knows it’s true, so she just needs to know how important baptism is now.   We are going to go over the importance of baptism and how we shouldn’t wait if they have a testimony of the things we are teaching are true.  We got a lot of faith in them, though, and Sunday had a wayyyyy good lesson in the house of a member.  We watched Together Forever (which always makes me want to get married) and the spirit was just so strong.  So things are looking good. 

We got another old investigator, Pedro and his wife.  It’s the family I told you about on June 5th.  They sell tamales.  Well, they are good, too, but haven’t gone to church and we didnt know why.  Well, we found out he’s starting the drinking again and it’s way more often and so we went over Ephesians 6 and how to protect ourselves from temptation, and that was super good.  It’s been creepy, though, because they have had super weird dreams now, like demonic dreams that are creeping them out.  We gave them a blessing and blessed the house and things have gotten better since then, so we will try to help them.  It’s a super special family that we feel we will baptize.  They are just great people.  God definitely has a big plan for them, and we are going to do everything we can to help them out. We had a lesson in the house of the bishop yesterday and it was suuuuper good.  Things are good there, as well.  We are finally starting to make some progress despite Satan not wanting us to!

The zone is still the bomb.  We are doing super good.  Everyone is stoked to just do work!  We’re nervous for changes and hoping that good missionaries come because we have been blessed.   We decided even if they come into the zone with wrong intentions, though, they are going to get a wake-up call, man!  Cuz in this zone, we DO WORK, SON!!!  Amatitlan all day, baby!  

Once again, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had and I’ve never been happier. I can’t explain how cool a mission is but I hope every young man/woman goes out with the right attitude and they will love it.  I want to serve forever!  Haha.

One funny story: remember on the office when Michael wears a lady’s suit?   Well, we were walking on the street on P-day and Elder Lagos was looking for shoes because his are SHOT!  We saw a guy on the street selling some cool pairs of shoes.  Lagos bought them and was way stoked to put them on and stuff.  Well, then I noticed that they were girl shoes and they even had a girl brand name!  Haha.  SO I pointed it out to him and he was sooo mad and started looking for the guy who sold them, but the guy had taken of.  Hahahaha!  So now he’s got to walk around in girl dress shoes trying to make sure no one notices.  They even have cute little Velcro strap over the laces!  Haha.  Good times!

Anyways have a good week.  Love you!
Elder Durfey
Please tell Milo and Chris thanks for their letters and that I appreciated them.   Placentero nos es trabajar!!!   Love that hymn!!!! bye:)